About Alicia and John

    Alicia & John - Great Barrier Reef - GoPro underwater Selfie

    John and Alicia met the summer of 2006 in Minnesota and got married November 2009 in Aruba.  We discovered early on that we’re good travel companions and enjoy trying new things together. Trips to Las Vegas soon became trips to the Caribbean, which lead into crossing both oceans, and in Oct 2014 a year-long trip around the world! Following our RTW trip we sold our home and have continued traveling.

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    Places we’ve visited:  Thailand, Bora Bora, Coasta Rica, Mexico, Jamaica, Aruba, Spain, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Ecuador (Galapagos Islands), New Zealand, Australia, Cambodia, Myanmar (Burma), Hong Kong, Japan, Turkey, France, Croatia, Germany, Austria, and multiple destinations within the US.

    A few of our favorite activities:  trying new recipes, running, hiking, boating, canoe/kayaking, bonfires, taking cooking classes, scuba diving, snorkeling, wine tastings, beer tastings, reading, exploring new cities, reading, learning


    John Kayaking in Bora

    John was born and raised in Minnesota.  I continue to break my mothers’ heart by not having grandchildren.  My father died while I was young, and I was what you call an “oops” baby.  Since my father didn’t get to grow old and my mother had me in college, I guess I’m trying to have the pre-child fun my parents missed out on.

    The traveling bug came about by accident.  I never had thought much about travel or decided it was something I enjoyed.  When I was playing poker professionally, Alicia and I would travel down to Las Vegas from time to time.  She’d go shopping or to the spa and I’d pay for the trip by sitting at the poker tables for a few hours a day.  Every time we came back, we’d stay at a new hotel and do new things while there.  Later I’d run a marathon in Disney world that we turned into a trip together.  Everything grew from there.

    The office life isn’t for me.  I left a comfortable career in exchange for terrifying freedom.  While being self-employed is filled with challenges, it’s also very rewarding in the opportunities it provides.  I’ve made it a life goal never to go back to office jobs.  So far, so good!


    Completos from Sibaritico in Vina Del MarI spent my childhood in Southern California, moved to Minnesota as a teenager, and then much to everyone’s surprise went to college on the east coast. It was assumed I’d go somewhere warm as the cold Minnesota winters never really grew on me. Each year John and I tried to take a warm beach vacation during the winter. Then we followed summer on our round the world trip. No snow or shoveling for a year!

    The leap to being a digital nomad was “easy” in that I have over 7 years of digital marketing experience (search engine marketing, social media, display and affiliate marketing). Instead of doing online marketing for other companies, why not do it for myself? My family is very entrepreneurial, and I’m upholding the family tradition by going off to travel and working freelance.

    I’m most excited to experience food and wine around the world, to learn about the places we’re visiting and more about myself. Learning how to live with only 3 pairs of shoes and one nail polish color (pink, of course) will be challenging.