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How to find good internet while traveling

We've been to roughly 30 countries so far, and here's how we find good internet while traveling. Not having internet isn't an option for us. Here are the things we've learned to continue to work...

Packing List

What would you take with you when planning a year-long trip?  Here is our packing list.  We looked at other travelers to get ideas of what to take beforehand, and we had one very...
What to expect at airports when traveling

What to expect at airports when traveling

Airports can be incredibly confusing.  Here's what to expect at airports when traveling to make your trip smooth and enjoyable. What to wear on the plane Before you even get to an airport, your clothes will...



Pai, Thailand: the latest town to be ruined by backpackers

Sitting in Pai, Thailand, I have a sense shame as a traveler by being associated with backpackers.  On the one hand, traveling breeds business opportunities and distributes money to places where there's very little...
Hobbit hole in Hobbiton, NZ

Hobbiton, New Zealand: Tourist Farm

The Shire sets from Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit trilogies are available to visit in Matamata, New Zealand. It's located on a farm and surrounded by other sheep and cow farms. The...
Alicia & John - Great Barrier Reef - GoPro underwater Selfie

Becoming a PADI Certified Diver while traveling

Diving has become one of our favorite activities.  It's actually not too hard to become a certified diver while on a trip!  Getting an Open Water diving certification can take between 2-4 days depending...

Who We Are and What We Do

Alicia & John - Great Barrier Reef - GoPro underwater Selfie

About Alicia and John

John and Alicia met the summer of 2006 in Minnesota and got married November 2009 in Aruba.  We discovered early on that we're good...

What is a Digital Nomad?

I have never gotten more blank stares than when I tell people that I'm a digital nomad.  The questions answered in this FAQ-like article...